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Cross Roads Camp and Retreat Center


Cross Roads Camp and Retreat Center is a welcoming and inclusive community providing life-changing and sacred adventures for renewal, growth, and joy. Good Shepherd is honored to be able to support Cross Roads on their journey as they continue to help individuals deepen their connection to themselves, others, the world we live in, and God.

The Craig Family


The Craig Family started attending GSLC right before COVID but have been engaged throughout the whole time we’ve been apart, attending our Family Check-In and Children’s Sermon with Pastor Chelsea. They intend to continue attending and join the church post-COVID, or even before!

Visions and Pathways


Visions and Pathways has helped abused, neglected, homeless, missing, and at-risk youth since 1970. GSLC is proud to support Visions and Pathways as they continue to help youth and their families find their inner strength and peace of mind.

HOME of Somerset County

GSLC is proud to support HOME of Somerset County as they carry out their mission of providing a community response to homelessness by creating safe havens for homeless families in houses of worship across the county.

GSLC Food Bank

We’re honored to have been able to continue to end hunger in our community over the past year. From holiday food baskets to donations from Worship on the Way, GSLC is grateful for your generosity which has enabled our food bank to continue operating during this difficult time.

GSLC Bible Study

Bible Study continues to be important in the lives of the members of the congregation. Weekly Bible Study over Zoom during the pandemic brings people together and helps them feel more connected as they strengthen their faith.

GSLC Prayer Ministry

Prayer is an essential part of our faith. Good Shepherd's Prayer Ministry has blessed many members in many ways over the past year, specifically in the time of COVID. Being able to pray with those in need during Worship on the Way, over the phone, and in distanced situations has helped us live out our faith.

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